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Aki » 「Ringleader Kanon」
31 October 2013 @ 06:00 am

✖ Comment here first before adding me;
✖ Common interests would help, but it's not a big factor;
✖ Please tell me why you'd like to be my friend Quite obvious lol;
✖ 50% RL + Emo & 50% Weaboo + Random;
✖ Unfriend me, I unfriend you. No hard feelings kayz 8D;
✖ No douchbaggery please;
Do you sees them?
✖ I don't expect you to comment on every post I make, so don't expect me to comment on every entry you post;
Intro Post ♥;

Comments are screened

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Aki » 「Ringleader Kanon」
31 October 2013 @ 12:00 am
【 ♛ anonymousse。 】
Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me about you, me, anyone. Tell me your dirty little secrets. Anon is on. IP logging is off. Post as many times as you like.
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Aki » 「Ringleader Kanon」
23 July 2009 @ 07:32 pm
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To my flist // OMG. HAIIIIIIIIII. LOLOOOLOOLOOLOLOLOLOL!! I missed you guys ;A; How many centuries years/months have I been away? I dunno. LOLOLOLOOLOLOL!! Omg. GUYZZZZ. I'M IN COLLEGE! WHEEEEE! LOLOLOOLOLOL. I finished working, and some of my friends' families chipped in to make some sort of fund so that I can finally go to school T___T Oh good-gracious-holy-mother-effing-fags! BUT. I can't keep up with net life still. Really busy with school and I don't have free access to the net so ... *cries tears of woe woe woe!!!* Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys what's up so ... I R SORRY. OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL I ♥ you guys. Oh, and don't click the cut if you don't want bandwidth vampires.

To my blockmates/P3 // Click the link below to get the scans for Zoolab. Er. It's big. Like, 2k x 3k big, so make sure your computer is ready. And do your own goddamn resizing. I'm too lazy Nevermind. Lovely pb did it for me LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -__- Er. What else ...? Oh yeah, edit the picture if you want to. Take out the text, make it saturated, crop out the pictures, blah blah. I might decide to take out the text over the weekend, but who knows? We'll see if I'm diligent enough. So, without further ado:

OMG! BANDWIDTH VAMPIRES!!!!! NUUUUU! P3, click this.Collapse )